Is There A Difference Between Ohio EPA VAP and Other Environmental Due Diligence Tools?

Are you considering purchasing a commercial or industrial property that may have environmental contamination? It is critical to consult with a qualified team that can provide you with a full evaluation of risks that typically accompany the purchase and redevelopment or reuse of the contaminated property. Learning the difference between [...]

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Ohio’s Cessation of Regulated Operations Program

Abandoned sites can be damaging to the environment and can lead to expensive cleanups. Take for example the former Dayton Tire and Rubber Facility. In 1987, vandals entered the closed tire and rubber plant to recover salvageable materials. While removing copper cores from electric transformers remaining at the facility, the [...]

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Ohio’s Cessation of Regulated Operations Program

Do you produce, use, store, or handle regulated substances at your facility? Are you “ceasing regulated operations” or in other words discontinuing or terminating regulated operations or finalizing any transaction or proceeding through which those operations are discontinued? If so, you may be required to comply with the Ohio Environmental [...]

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