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Vapor Intrusion (or “VI”) has been around the environmental world for decades now, and as the science and understanding of the exposure pathway advances, federal and state regulatory agencies continue to request vapor intrusion sampling more and more often. If you are involved in the environmental field, you most likely have a general understanding that vapor intrusion occurs when vapors from contaminated soil or groundwater enter overlying buildings through the foundation, or via preferential pathways, and potentially impact the indoor air; however, how do you explain that process to a homeowner whose residence is overlaying a groundwater plume and may be breathing in harmful, carcinogenic vapors? Based on experience, it is a difficult conversation to have; nonetheless, it is necessary to do and if done correctly, you can educate the homeowner enough to allow access to conduct the vapor intrusion sampling and potentially mitigate any future exposures.


Many federal and state agencies offer guidance and procedures for gaining access to third-party properties. These procedures provide helpful step by step directions on how to negotiate access, and the agency expects them to be followed and documented during the negotiation process. Although the procedures are useful, they may not always result in granted access and can be modified to be more successful. This Webinar will provide valuable information on how to strategically approach access negotiations, evaluate the successful/unsuccessful communication methods, and provide a brief background on conducting the actual sampling to satisfy the homeowner and regulatory agency.