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The NPDES program, established by the EPA in 1972, was developed to address and control water pollution via the regulation of the sources of pollutants. In recent years, the EPA has turned its attention towards the emerging contaminants per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as “PFAS”.

As part of ongoing efforts to create and revise effluent guidelines, the EPA’s Office of Water has begun sending PFAS-focused questionnaires to facilities across a broad range of industries including metal finishing and electroplating, electronics, landfills, and organic chemicals to name a few. These questionnaires (commonly referred to as 308 questionnaires) are very comprehensive, have tight deadlines and are MANDATORY for those who receive them. Don’t go it alone! Join us for this special webinar event where we will do an overview of PFAS and the regulatory environment surrounding PFAS in wastewater, as well as offer points of awareness and rules-of-thumb for completing these mandatory questionnaires.