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Many people struggle determining the best approach to addressing contaminated property. Contaminated properties have various legal implications so it is important that attorneys involved with such matters are informed of the various options available to address contamination, prevent exposure, and manage legal liability.  The approach to environmental cleanup and closure has changed and evolved over the years. There is a renewed focus on clean-up of source areas, which typically have the highest contaminant levels at a site and likely present the greatest threat to human health and the environment.  There are many options available when addressing contamination to obtain closure and there are many “right” ways to address the situation so attorneys can evaluate legal liabilities accordingly.  The “best” way to manage these source areas and site contamination, in general, depends on several important factors. This presentation will provide a summary of the evolution of site cleanup and the various techniques applied to cleanup, and discuss key components of the source area cleanup decision process.


All attending attorneys can receive 1.00 credit for Continuing Legal Education in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Please contact marketing@augustmack.com for any questions you may have.