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FEATURING GUEST SPEAKER: Ada Nielsen from Peregrine Maven.

Trade Secrets is one of the fourteen elements of Process Safety Management (RMP) (29 CFR 1910.119(p)) as well as one of the elements of a Risk Management Plan (RMP) (40 CFR 68.152).  Trade Secrets or Confidential Business Information is important for competitive advantage, however, sufficient information must be disclosed in a PSM and/or RMP in cases such as: Process Safety Information, Process Hazard Analysis or Offsite Hazard Analysis for RMP, Incident Investigation, and more.

It is a challenge to understand and communicate the management of Trade Secrets let alone keep personnel engaged to properly manage the dissemination of limited Trade Secret information with PSM and RMP.

Learn how these two topics (Trade Secrets and Process Safety Management) interact and what that can mean for you and your facilities.