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Remediation of soil and groundwater, and more generally, re-use of Brownfields, has come a long way over the last 40 years since the introduction of the various State and Federal cleanup programs. Cleanups have gone from excavating soil and pumping & treating groundwater, to advanced in-situ chemical, biological, and mechanical/electrical treatments of impacted soils and groundwater. Along with these advances, we have seen an increased focus on managing exposure pathways and receptors with the end goal of “property re-use”. More recently, we have seen some sustainability initiatives such as solar farms, slowly weaving into Brownfields redevelopment projects or into previously closed sites (e.g., landfill). This is an exciting evolution in Brownfields redevelopment, and August Mack has been associated with a number of these projects over the years. Please join us for a webinar that covers the various remediation strategies over the years, and discusses the current evolution of remediation and how it ties into brownfield redevelopment and sustainability.