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Industrial Hygiene (IH) sampling is a valuable tool to help determine the safety of working conditions in a facility. Among the most important applications of IH sampling is the measurement employee exposure to potential inhalation hazards in the workplace. Dust, fumes, and other air particulates are common in a variety of industries as many production processes can release airborne particulates or chemicals into the air. With this in consideration, facility managers and consultants are often faced with the question of whether long-term exposure to conditions in their facilities are safe. Fortunately, methods of investigation and testing are available to determine if workers’ exposure levels to chemicals in their facility are harmful. This information can provide clear data on whether additional safety controls should be implemented. This webinar will explore the methodology employed to determine if industrial hygiene sampling is recommended at a site, how it is performed, and some of the recommendations that can be made if airborne chemical concentrations exceed recommended levels.