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Presented by Chris Abel (August Mack), Chuck Wehland (Jones Day), and Natalie Burkart (Allstate).

More and more stakeholders are demanding information on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) characteristics of businesses. This includes a concern for corporate culture, sustainability and other ecological and social impacts of an investment decision that go beyond the simple profitability of a business. Various reporting standards and analytical approaches that are mostly voluntary in the US have grown up in an effort to satisfy the demand for this information that covers the impacts of a broad spectrum of business activity from greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity to human rights and social justice to Board and employee diversity.

Chris Abel of August Mack will join Chuck Wehland of Jones Day and Natalie Burkart of Allstate to answer all your questions regarding ESG. This upcoming webinar will include information such as the legal basis of ESG reporting, what topics are included in it, how ESG relates to investment decisions and currently used financial analyses, what its standards/criteria require, and more.

Chris Abel, CHMM is the Program Manager for August Mack’s closure department. Chris brings 29 years of experience in the environmental field to the table. He is familiar with numerous environmental regulations including RCRA, CERCLA, LUST, and USEPA Contract Laboratory Protocol.

Chuck Wehland is a partner at Jones Day who helps many companies address ESG reporting issues both in the ordinary course of business and as a due diligence element in transactions.

Natalie Burkart is the Managing Director of Global Research and Strategy for Allstate. Natalie works closely with Allstate Investments’ leaders and portfolio managers on strategic investment decisions, process improvements, resource allocation and other aspects of our Investments business. She also leads the Public Asset Group’s research analysts.