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It is important to understand how due diligence can vary from project to project and how it can be used to manage the risks associated with an acquisition or merger. Although a financial institution may complete due diligence assessments to help ensure their borrower will be able to repay the loan, a buyer could use the results to negotiate a lower sale price. On the other hand, a seller may complete environmental due diligence to demonstrate that the property is environmentally “clean” and sell the property at market value or higher. Understanding what environmental due diligence is and the different types can help not only manage and/or reduce your risk but can also benefit you in many other ways. This presentation will provide the reasons behind due diligence, detail its requirements, and discuss how it can help reduce your risk.


All attending attorneys can receive 1.00 credit for Continuing Legal Education in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Please contact marketing@augustmack.com for any questions you may have.