Systems Analyst

Indianapolis, IN

August Mack Environmental is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This position is for an ERP Systems Analyst in the Indianapolis area who will report to the ERP Systems Manager. We are looking for someone who wants to thrive on business improvement, SQL Database Management, and enhance the quality and efficiency of our users.


In the role as an ERP System Analyst, your primary focus will be on optimizing August Mack’s and effectiveness through the implementation and management of our ERP system. Your responsibilities will include analyzing and enhancing business processes, customizing the ERP system to align with our specific requirements, and closely monitoring system performance while addressing any issues that arise.

You will work closely with cross-functional teams at August Mack to ensure seamless integration and provide ongoing support to end-users, ensuring they make the most out of our ERP solution. Your day-to-day tasks will involve system configuration, data analysis, and user training. You will work alongside IT and business stakeholders to drive continuous improvement in our ERP processes and collaborate with vendors to stay updated on software upgrades and enhancements.


This role will suit someone who:

  • Can listen to user needs, and develop creative solutions and innovative processes
  • Has a desire to learn new programs, workflows, and problem solving techniques
  • Has adaptive abilities to evolve with IT landscape and change of priorities
  • Is humble in their approach, yet relentless in their efforts to achieve their goals
  • Has the ability to absorb information around a vast line of services
  • Is analytical with breaking down problems to achieve the bigger goal
  • Has strong levels of responsibility and is highly coachable and trainable
  1. Manage and maintain SQL database systems to ensure optimal performance and availability
  2. Monitor database performance and troubleshoot issues proactively
  3. Create and maintain documentation of all IT configurations, formats, and procedures
  4. Build testing protocols for new versions of the software, develop a roll out process for updates, and determine team necessary to test updates
  5. Work with Help Desk team to handle personnel troubleshooting tasks, access issues, and other ERP tickets
  6. Provide training support to system users for key system processes
  7. Track deadlines and deliverablesto ensure project completion and identify continuous points of maintenance
  8. Ensure data accuracy and integrity through routine data quality checks
  9. Manage ERP system user permissions for all users and groups at all offices.
  10. Create and manage database backup and recovery procedures
  11. Optimize SQL queries and stored procedures for improved performance
  • Ability to network and establish client relationships
  • Effective and professional communications
  • Effective and timely collaboration with team members
  • Entry and upkeep of CRM data
  • Skills in organization, scheduling, and time management
  • Ability to prioritize tasks

Education: B.S. in Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Science, Cyber Security, Network Systems Administration, or equivalent experience

Experience: 1 – 3 years of experience in IT


90% office (controlled environment), 10% office visit travel (controlled environment)

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