Sustainability Manager

August Mack Environmental is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This is a technical position in Sustainability Services with responsibility for implementing and maintaining sustainability programs for August Mack and our clients. This position may also be involved in general work for the Compliance Service Area and Water Resources Service Area. Work will be performed with direction from multiple experienced technical personnel. The position reports to the Vice President of Technical Services.

  1. Review all projects performed by AME to assess sustainability opportunities as the project and as the next steps.
  2. Support Sustainability service projects for August Mack Environmental and its clients (currently energy audits, water audits, and documenting carbon).
  3. Develop a baseline sustainability program for August Mack and monitor progress on that program.
  4. Assist Compliance and Water Resources staff in developing relationships with new clients and maintaining existing clients.
  5. Collaborate with August Mack Advisory Board Sustainability Subcommittee, Water Resources Service Area, Transaction Service Area, and the Compliance Service Area on ways to integrate sustainability projects into our current service offerings.
  6. Act as a consultant for August Mack clients to help them identify sustainability opportunities in their existing operations.
  7. Learn existing guidelines and reporting formats for sustainability reporting (GRI and others).
  8. Develop marketing materials outlining AME’s progress on sustainability goals.
  9. As needed, prepare compliance reports, update plans, and conduct sampling activities.
  10. Communicate with clients as requested by senior managers.
  • Perform mathematical calculations and data management
  • Collect, record, and evaluate data
  • Interpret Sustainability guidelines and prepare reports for a wide variety of clients
  • Ability to learn job-related material primarily through verbal instruction, training, reading, researching and observation
  • Perform technical research on projects
  • Collect, record, and evaluate scientific data
  • Effectively work on multiple simultaneous projects

Education: B.S. in environmental science or related field

Recommended Experience: 1-5 years of experience in environmental consulting

Skills: Strong verbal/written communication

Additional requirements: Valid driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and physically capable of operating the vehicles safely

This classification requires travel to various client locations. Travel typically involves day trips within the state or neighboring states, resulting in longer workdays; and may include extended and/or further travel, resulting in multiple days and overnights. Long distance drives and air travel may be required.

*Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.


75% office (controlled environment), 25% field/site visit travel (environmental job hazards)

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