Data Analyst I

Indianapolis, IN / Lewis Center, OH / Cleveland, OH / Lancaster, PA / Conshohocken, PA

The Data Analyst is responsible for providing data management and data analysis services in support of environmental consulting projects. Duties will include the evaluation and tabulation of laboratory data, communication with laboratories to assess discrepancies, preparation of data tables, graphs, and charts, and the statistical analysis of data to evaluate trends. Work is performed in collaboration with project teams and the Data Management Group under the general supervision of the Senior Data Manager.

  1. Perform task-oriented work with instruction
  2. Analyze data and write reports regarding outcomes
  3. Begin cross-training in at least one Technical Services group or AME Service Area
  4. Prepare reports of low complexity
  5. Import data into standard frameworks performs data entry
  6. Understand the needs of Environmental Consulting and the data needs of key State programs
  7. Execute spreadsheet logic and programming as used in data spreadsheets
  8. Perform QAPPs / DQOs, statistical trend & hypothesis testing, data migration / data management best practices, basic toxicology (i.e., cancer vs non-cancer), and data verification & validation procedures
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly format documents and tables
  • Strong attention to detail and thoroughness in work
  • Expertise in spreadsheet use and general skills with the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Understand needs of Environmental consulting and data needs of key State programs
  • Experience in one or more information science disciplines/software applications: SQL/SQL Server, R, MATLAB, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Power BI, Python, ProUCL, etc.
  • Learn Organic and inorganic analytical methodologies including but not limited to U.S. EPA SW-846 protocol
  • Learn Federal and state-specific standards for environmental cleanup actions
  • Understand laboratory and project quality control/quality assurance measures
  • Learn data validation utilizing USEPA National Functional Guidelines for organic and inorganic methods
  • Proficient in time keeping skills and appropriate billing

Education: B.S. computer or information sciences, mathematics, chemistry, physical, natural, earth, or environmental sciences, or related field

Recommended Experience: Entry level – 2 years of experience in environmental consulting

Skills: Strong computer and verbal/written communication skills are a must

Additional requirements: Must have a valid driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and physically capable of operating vehicles safely.

This classification requires travel to various client locations. Travel typically involves day trips within the state or neighboring states, resulting in longer workdays; and may include extended and/or further travel, resulting in multiple days and overnights. Long-distance drives and air travel may be required.

*Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.


95% office (controlled environment), 5% field/site visit travel (environmental job hazards)

August Mack Environmental is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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