PFAS Strategic Planning – Public Utility

Published On: February 15, 2023

August Mack was retained by a large water and wastewater utility serving over 1,000,000 customers to develop its overall strategy for managing PFAS associated with its operations. The utility uses groundwater and surface water to provide drinking water to its customers and operates an extensive wastewater conveyance and treatment system to collect and treat stormwater and industrial and sanitary wastewater.  The planning includes informing internal management on federal, state, and local PFAS regulations and PFAS risks to utility operations.

August Mack identified all aspects of utility operations that were most affected by PFAS risks including, industrial wastewater, discharges, and biosolids from the wastewater treatment plans, the delivery of finished drinking water to customers and reopeners for previously closed hazardous waste and Superfunds sites. August Mack is facilitating the development of response plans for both internal and external stakeholders to manage the regulatory and operational issues associated with PFAS and will serve of the implementation team.

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