PFAS Damages Assessment – State Government

Published On: February 15, 2023

August Mack was retained by a team of legal experts representing a State government to assess the damages associated with PFAS contamination of an entire State. The State has filed a claim against pFAS manufacturers asking them to be responsible for cleanup of environmental media throughout the State that has been impacted by PFAS.

To make this assessment, August Mack inventoried 1,000 sites for which documented PFAS contamination exists. These sites include industrial sites, landfills, private and municipal water supplies, wastewater treatment plants, rivers, lakes and streams. The assessment evaluated impacts to soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment. The sites were categorized, and a Monte Carlo cost simulation model was used to estimate the probable range of cleanup costs for each category of sites. The number of sites was then extrapolated to yield the entire costs of damages from the claim. This work was led by August Mack and used by multiple experts in industry and academia to pursue this claim.

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