Tank Services for a Medical Utility Client

Published On: August 31, 2021

August Mack personnel were contracted to perform tank and remediation services for a medical utility facility. These services included underground storage tank removal, above ground storage tank and underground installation, installation of a brine system, installation of a new temporary fueling system and cooling system, as well as spill containment and leak detection.

August Mack personnel prepared design specs for the above ground storage that was to be installed. Those specs were submitted to the state fire marshal for approval. Following approval, August Mack personnel moved forward with digging up the on-site asphalt and then the excavation and removal of the site’s current underground storage tanks. Concurrent with the removal of the asphalt and the underground storage tanks, the August Mack team also dug up and removed the present underground piping that was part of the site’s current brining system.

The August Mack team and its subcontractors then installed a new brining system and underground storage tank, in addition to the requisite underground piping for both installations. Site prep was then performed and the site was leveled out and brought up to elevation. A concrete pad was poured and the cavities from the underground storage tank removal and then installation were backfilled.

A reinforced concrete pad was then poured for the installation of the new above ground storage tank. The team then dug trenches and installed all necessary underground piping for above ground storage tank. The team then installed all surface-level parts for the above ground storage tank, including the tank itself.

The August Mack personnel then installed interior components for a fuel management system and the new brine system inside medical utility plant’s electrical room.

Following the internal installations, all systems were then pressure tested for leaks and functionality, which confirmed that all systems were working properly and without leaks. August Mack personnel then installed 200 linear feet of chain link fence and resurfaced 35,000 square feet of asphalt in the facility’s parking lot.

Concurrent with the tank and brine system removals and installations, the August Mack team was also performing environmental services. These services included site investigation, remediation, and closure activities. During the initial underground storage tank excavation, August Mack personnel took soil samples. Additionally, August Mack personnel also performed continuous “grab” groundwater samples. These samples identified petroleum impacting the soil. This release was reported to IDEM and six soil borings were performed. Following the discovery of impacts, the on-site team excavated and disposed of 250 tons of petroleum-impacted soil.

Unconditional site closure was achieved through IDEM’s State Cleanup program/independent cleanup process.

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