Environmental Site Closure

We employe a dedicated team of environmental and safety professionals to help alleviate the worry of meeting EHS compliance for our clients.


We take away the guesswork for clients with site investigation, delineation, remediation, and closure services.

Building Science

We work with commercial and industrial clients to ensure their property and building-related environmental and safety concerns are addressed.


We’ve developed a Compliance Assurance Program (eCAP® ) that transforms the way companies maintain regulatory compliance.


August Mack is a nationally recognized, award-winning, environmental consulting firm with eight offices in seven states. We provide due diligence and building science services, regulatory compliance services, and subsurface investigation and remediation services to a wide range of clients.


August Mack employs numerous experienced engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, chemists, industrial hygienists


When Asbestos Inspections Are Required

As an asbestos inspector, this must be the number one misconception that most of my clients have about whether or not they need an asbestos survey. For some reason the conversation always ends up going a little something like this: Client: “Yeah business is really good and we are getting ready to purchase a new … more »

Why All the Fuss About Mold?

Molds are naturally occurring in the environment and are found almost everywhere, including indoors. However, at high concentrations, molds can affect the health of humans, especially immunocompromised or hypersensitive individuals. Exposure to molds, and the mycotoxins they produce, can lead to adverse health effects, such as fungal infections, rash, fever, headache, fatigue, or asthma. Mold … more »


Industrial Hygiene Sampling: Why, When, How, What If?

Dec 8, 2021 @ 3:00PM

Industrial Hygiene (IH) sampling is a valuable tool to help determine the safety of working conditions in a facility. Among the most important applications of IH sampling is the measurement employee exposure to potential inhalation hazards in the workplace. Dust, fumes, and other air particulates are common in a variety of industries as many production … more »

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Why All The Fuss About Mold?

Dec 15, 2021 @ 3:00PM

Mold has been a known indoor air quality concern since at least 1994, and a lot has been learned about mold in the years since. However, to date, there are still no federal regulations governing mold. A few states (New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Maryland) and municipalities (New York City and San Francisco) have … more »

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Environmental Ethics: How Does Your Ethical Yardstick Measure Up Against The Rest Of The Environmental Community?

Jan 5, 2022 @ 3:00PM

To improve our understanding of environmental ethics we will explore some of the deeper ethical concerns with Risk-Based decision-making that drives a majority of federal and state environmental regulatory decisions. We will briefly discuss some moral philosophies that form a basis for the way western civilization views environmental values. We will reconstruct how those ethical … more »

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