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Understanding Soil Management Plans

Date and Time:
8/14/2019 at 3:00 PM, Duration: 45 Minutes


Cleaning up contaminated properties can take a long time at great expense. In most cases, complete cleanup is not feasible and is cost prohibitive. As a result, residual contamination remains and environmental restrictions are applied to the property. These restrictions must be recognized during development or construction activities. One of the most common environmental restrictions is that soil disturbance cannot be performed without following an appropriate Soil Management Plan (SMP). Although this is a common restriction, there is currently no US EPA guidance on what constitutes an appropriate SMP. This Webinar will provide valuable information on what should be included in a SMP, when a SMP should be prepared, and what is typically required to comply with the SMP.

About the Presenter:
Bryant Hoffer

Bryant Hoffer is a senior manager for August Mack Environmental, Inc. in its Indianapolis, IN office. He has more than ten years of experience with extensive knowledge regarding geological and hydrogeological investigations, monitoring well installation and abandonment, soil and groundwater sampling, vapor intrusion evaluation and mitigation, tank management, and environmental site assessments. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from Indiana University – Purdue University. Bryant can be contacted at 317.916.3163 or via e-mail at bhoffer@augustmack.com.


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