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The Case for Sustainability

Date and Time:
5/2/2018 at 3:00 PM, Duration: 45 Minutes


Is "sustainability" just a buzz word that makes people feel good or does it have real value for business? In this webinar we will look at some current perceptions the public has of sustainability and also look at some examples of industries which have embraced sustainable practices. We will talk about how a sustainability plan can impact a business's bottom line as well as how it can impact its customers perceptions. And finally, we will talk about the practical steps businesses can take to begin developing a practical and profitable sustainability plan. Join us in this overview to find out if sustainability planning can benefit your organization in practical and meaningful ways.

About the Presenter:
Jim Berndt

Jim Berndt is a senior manager with August Mack Environmental, Inc. in the Indianapolis, Indiana office. He has over 27 years of experience in quantitative hydrogeology, numerical modeling, site investigation and remediation at sites across North America, in South America and Europe.  Jim also teaches hydrogeology at the University of Indianapolis as a part of the adjunct faculty; he can be reached at 317-916-3174 or via e-mail at jberndt@augustmack.com.


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