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RCRA FIRST: A Quicker Way Through RCRA Corrective Action?

Date and Time:
2/7/2018 at 3:00 PM, Duration: 45 Minutes


According to analyses of Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action sites by U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 9, the average timeframe to complete the RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) and remedy selection process is 16 years! This time frame does NOT include implementation of the remedy. This issue was recognized back in the 1990's, and U.S. EPA identified the need to streamline the RCRA Corrective Action process.

This streamlining resulted in an increased focus on "results" instead of "process." In this webinar, August Mack will provide an overview of various efforts to streamline the RCRA Corrective Action process, including the U.S. EPA's recent RCRA Facilities Investigation Remedy Selection Track (FIRST): A Toolbox for Corrective Action (2016). As you will find out in the webinar, the U.S. EPA hopes to cut the timeframes for RFI and remedy selection in half by implementing the RCRA FIRST approach.

**This webinar is eligible for 1 CMP toward your CHMM re-certification.

About the Presenter:
Dave Zbieszkowski

Dave Zbieszkowski is a Principal Geologist for closure services with August Mack Environmental, Inc. He has over 18 years of experience with extensive knowledge regarding geological and hydrogeological investigations, State and Federal regulatory programs (e.g., CERCLA, RCRA, UST, Voluntary Remediation), soil and groundwater sampling, vapor intrusion evaluation and mitigation, remedial evaluation and regulatory coordination, and property transaction related projects.  Dave can be reached at 317.916.3159 or via e-mail at davidz@augustmack.com.


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