"In today`s world, environmental issues are increasingly of concern and require a high level of expertise in meeting regulatory requirements and finding solutions. With August Mack, we`ve found a knowledgeable partner with tremendous capabilities to address situations that arise in our business. At Duke Realty, we count on August Mack for their guidance and appreciate their prompt response to our needs."
 - Pamela Marshall, Duke Realty

The August Mack Difference

Since our founding in 1988, August Mack has been committed to two fundamental principles: superior client service and commitment to employees. As a function of these two principles, we strive toward providing all of our clients with responsive, innovative, client-focused and results-driven solutions aimed at successfully meeting their environmental, health and safety (EH&S) needs. This approach sets us apart from the competition and has allowed us to develop long-term partnerships with numerous clients that span 20 years or more.

We are responsive.
Here at August Mack, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients. Whether it be promptly returning client phone calls/e-mails, meeting project schedules and deadlines or providing emergency EH&S response services, we are always "on-call" for our clients. For example, one of our clients recently experienced an immediate need for emergency spill response services. Within hours after receiving the call, a team of August Mack experts was onsite assisting the client in all aspects of the spill response effort.

We are innovative.
In all of our projects, we strive to develop an innovative approach for clients that incorporates proven technologies with the business needs of the client to establish sustainable solutions to every EH&S problem or situation. For example, we listened to feedback from our clients about their regulatory compliance needs and developed our trademarked Compliance Assurance Program known as eCAP® to outsource day-to-day EH&S compliance of more than 100 facilities. Regardless of the type of project, we are committed to developing an innovative solution that meets the needs of our clients as well as the requirements of local, state and federal government.

We are client-focused.
As evident in our mission statement, we are committed to developing a long-term partnership with all of our clients. (In fact, 25 percent of the clients obtained in the company’s first year of operation are still clients today.) We work with our clients to determine their internal goals and objectives and utilize these as a guideline for developing an environmentally-acceptable solution to their EH&S problem. We believe it is possible to not only design a solution that meets the requirements of local, state and federal government, but also meets the needs of the client. All, in all, our clients are our first priority.

We are results-driven.
Recognizing the importance of getting the job done, we are continuously focused on achieving an environmentally-acceptable solution that meets the needs of our clients. We have years of experience in successfully assisting clients in obtaining closure as well as achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. We are focused on achieving results for all of our clients.

We believe our dedication to the principles of our mission statement as well as our promise of responsiveness, innovation, client-focused and results-driven solutions is what makes August Mack different and better than any of our competitors.

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