August Mack Newsletter | July, 2017

August Mack Environmental Webinar Program Celebrates 12 Years

August Mack Environmental is in its 12th year of providing our free webinar series to both industry and the public. Each month, August Mack presents 3-4 webinars on a variety of Environmental Health & Safety topics, with a few specialty topics added in sporadically. One of the more unusual topics was the “State of the Hive” where our resident beekeeper gave an educational update on the honeybee population. We are happy to offer these webinars to our clients and continuously see registrants from all across the country.  

This program picked up steam early on and the number of registrants and attendees has grown steadily from year to year. This year, the program is on track to attract over 3,000 total registrants. These registrants span a number of businesses such as contractors, manufacturers, banks, attorneys and more! A handful of the webinars have been approved for continuing education credits for those with a CHMM certification. Although none of our webinars currently provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for attorneys, many of the topics are similar to those where we do provide CLE courses to attorneys.

Depending upon the subject, some webinars attract more registrants than others. This year, one webinar broke our registration record with well over 100 registrants which is the limit with our webinar service provider. So if you are interested in an upcoming webinar, sign up early as we have experienced several instances where we had to turn people away.

When we started and to this day, the purpose of our webinar program is to provide our clients with educational topics on issues that may affect their businesses. Given our expertise, these topics can include everything from environmental site assessments, to air permitting, to remediation of contaminated sites and more. Many of these subjects are of a very technical nature but our goal is to provide an overview so that business people can understand how it affects their businesses and what they need to do to minimize their risks and associated costs. Given the vast range of expertise of our audience, on the same webinar we’ve received feedback from “it was too basic” to “this was too technical and needs to be put in layman’s terms”. But if you do have specific questions, we always provide the contact information of our presenters and advocate any follow-up if you want to discuss further.

So as we move forward and continue to grow the webinar program, we are always looking for feedback! If you would like to suggest a topic, please visit our website here! 

Upcoming Webinars
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Solutions to the Environmental Sword of Damocles: EHS Audits and the eCAP Program.
Upcoming Events
2018 Michigan Environmental Compliance Conference
August Mack Continuing Legal Education Event in Indiana
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