August Mack Newsletter | Second Quarter 2018 Newsletter

To Drill, or Not to Drill: Do I need a Phase II ESA, is the Question!
In real estate transactions time is money. Many real estate professionals work around tight deadlines and must gather, analyze, and make decisions during a compressed due diligence period. One due diligence piece that can throw a transaction off is environmental findings. ... Read More

Using eCap To Plan For Compliance With New Requirements?
In today's technological world with the seemingly instantaneous dissemination of information (except for when our computers are "updating") and countless "apps" you would think that planning for compliance with new requirements would be the norm and not the exception.... Read More

Forensic Investigations using CSIA
Are these questions you run into during site evaluation? Environmental Forensics is the application of science and the scientific method to investigate what happened ... Read More

The Case for Sustainability
In an internet search for the term "Sustainability" you will find an abundance of topics many of us are familiar with, such as solar cells, wind turbines, zero-emission vehicles, and similar "green" topics.... Read More

Fate and Transport of Hydrocarbons: Contamination and Its Relationship to Our Lives
Public concern over the effects of chemical releases into the environment through human activity has grown steadily since the inception of the U.S. EPA on December 2, 1970.... Read More

Upcoming Webinars
Vapor Intrusion in Ohio: What You Need to Know
Lead in Drinking Water
Analytical Data Assessment and Validation for the Non-Chemist
Upcoming Events
Pickaway County Safety Council Meeting
2018 Great Lakes Lenders Conference
11th Annual CAEDC Found It on the Green Golf Event

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