"In today`s world, environmental issues are increasingly of concern and require a high level of expertise in meeting regulatory requirements and finding solutions. With August Mack, we`ve found a knowledgeable partner with tremendous capabilities to address situations that arise in our business. At Duke Realty, we count on August Mack for their guidance and appreciate their prompt response to our needs."
 - Pamela Marshall, Duke Realty

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Staff Position

A Staff Position is responsible for learning and performing various aspects of field operations, engineering, management, technical support and consulting work related to the following areas. Work is performed with direction from Project/Senior Managers; under the general supervision of the Closure Manager.

1.Field Operations

  • Drilling - direct push and hollow-stem auger rig soil and groundwater sampling; in-situ chemical injection; and installation and maintenance of groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Field Services - soil and groundwater sampling; drum sampling; waste removal and disposal; soil excavation/removal; underground storage tank (UST) removal; and chemical injections.

2. Technical Services

  • Geology/Engineering - provide geologic/engineering interpretation and analysis to support environmental projects.
  • Chemistry – provide chemical data management, chemical data validation and data presentation support.


3. Closure Consulting Services - investigating the nature and extent of subsurface contamination (soil, groundwater) and developing and implementing cleanup and/or environmental closure activities, client interaction, regulatory interpretation and project management.


  • Field Operations tasks - activities include, but are not limited to, understand and oversee implementation of investigation activities that include advance soil borings, obtain and field screen soil samples; install, develop and sample groundwater monitoring wells; complete geologic and aquifer studies; perform vapor studies, excavation area assessments, and record searches; (Cleanup) install and operate product recovery systems; scope and perform pilot tests to support remedial system design; conduct remedial system installation and operation; maintain, coordinate and oversee tank removals; and decontaminate manufacturing facilities, oversee job site H&S, and assist project teams in preparing proposals, budgets, and scopes of work for projects. Document all field activities being performed in a field log including reporting on field techniques, locations of the work, and any relevant field observations.
  • Geology tasks - activities include, but are not limited to, provide quality control review of geology related items (e.g. geologic interpretations, cross sections, conceptual site models, soil classification, boring logs, etc.); prepare  and review geologic Cross-sections; prepare and review potentiometric surface maps; ensure boring log consistency; establish geologic conceptual site model approach and presentation; standardize geologic presentations for closure projects; perform regional geologic research, evaluation, and presentation; conduct and/or oversee geophysical evaluations; conduct and/or oversee core analysis; and establish processes and manage information from the field (CSM) - boring logs, purge records, groundwater gauging records, vapor sampling data sheets, upload data to the CSM, QA/QC uploaded information.
  • Engineering tasks - activities include, but are not limited to, design and implement pilot studies, perform calculations; prepare schematic designs; identify project data needs; evaluate site investigation data for remediation purposes; prepare engineering design drawings and specifications; prepare remedial cost estimates. Evaluate and determine applicability of permits needed to construct/implement remedial activities. Prepare pertinent permit applications. Negotiate permit terms with regulatory agencies.
  • Chemistry tasks - activities include, but are not limited to, assist in managing and performing investigative data support; standardize data presentations for projects; learn and interface with EQuIS data management software; generate Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD); conduct and manage others in data verification and validation; assist with statistical analyses to support projects; be a technical resource for laboratory analysis and chemistry (training & consulting); and assist in preparation of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs).
  • Closure consulting tasks - activities include, but are not limited to, plan and implement investigation activities to characterize site conditions, prepare field instructions and HASPs, conduct project kickoff meetings, evaluate findings, prepare environmental reports, research and apply environmental regulations, communicate with project teams, clients and regulators. Manage projects including budget, estimating/management, scheduling, field activities, data interpretation, client interaction, and invoicing. Delegate tasks to construction services technical services.
  • Identify potential sources of contamination when working on a job site.
  • Identify changes to the scope of work, discuss with August Mack project manager and onsite client, and execute change orders (if necessary).
  • Prepare job descriptions of successfully completed projects and update August Mack resume for marketing purposes.
  • Communicate internally to secure work necessary to maintain a billable goal.


Requires a bachelor’s degree in geology, environmental science, chemistry, engineering or a related degree. Strong computer and verbal/written communication skills are a must. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.

This classification requires the use of a company or personal vehicle on company business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid driver's license, have an acceptable driving record and receive a medical clearance from a baseline physical.

This classification requires travel to various project locations. Travel involves day trips within the state or neighboring states, resulting in longer work days; and extended and/or further travel, resulting in multiple days and overnights. Long-term assignments can be required.

Must successfully complete a pre-employment background check and drug screen.

To apply for this position, please send your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to:


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