"In today`s world, environmental issues are increasingly of concern and require a high level of expertise in meeting regulatory requirements and finding solutions. With August Mack, we`ve found a knowledgeable partner with tremendous capabilities to address situations that arise in our business. At Duke Realty, we count on August Mack for their guidance and appreciate their prompt response to our needs."
 - Pamela Marshall, Duke Realty

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Remediation/Closure Employee

Andy TennysonAndy Tennyson
Project Manager
Indianapolis, Indiana 
With August Mack Since 2013

Describe a typical day at August Mack.
A typical day at August Mack…hmmm…Most often, people will see me with a laptop carried like a pizza running from meeting to meeting.   There are many moving parts in our large project work, so most of my days are spent checking in with the different teams and individuals, ensuring momentum is kept on each front.   Any given day I might be brainstorming plans for field programs, writing technical documents, researching innovative technology, reviewing peer work, coordinating with agencies or clients, and most importantly, meeting deadlines and keeping deliverables on track.   Large project work means large deliverables, and each one has an overwhelming amount of detail.  It takes a significant group effort to bring deliverables to production that are of a quality worthy to bear the August Mack logo.   More often than not, I’m a cheerleader keeping up spirits as we chew through the daunting tasks before us.

What types of projects do you work on at August Mack?
For the past two years, I’ve been integrated into one of our largest Superfund projects, a multi-phase long term remediation project in West Virginia.   The project is complex, with the concurrent design of both land-based and river-based remedial strategies.  It has been an incredible opportunity to present and implement unique maritime sampling strategies and work with our in-house engineering team to bring cost effective, large-scale remedies from their origins as pencil sketches to a fully fleshed out remedial design. 

What do you like most about working at August Mack?
August Mack appreciates innovation, and appreciates those that tackle a stymying problem with a unique solution.   August Mack gives me the freedom to be my silly self, and allows me to find the fun in a technical atmosphere.    They have given me the opportunity to work on an amazing project with many incredible teammates.   At times, I think I’ve worked with nearly the entire company in some capacity, which of course appeases my hankering for social bee status.  Aside from the project level, I feel August Mack, and especially those in command, have my best interests at heart, and value me as a person as much as an environmental professional.

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