Healthcare Campus Redevelopment

August Mack was hired by a healthcare provider to perform multiple work scopes as part of real estate due diligence services for multiple parcels (~40) located within their over 100-acre campus. The site is planned to be redeveloped over the next decade into state of the art healthcare-related buildings.

Completed and ongoing tasks at the site include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESAs)
  • Phase II ESA
  • Land Surveying Services
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Wetland/Endangered Species Review
  • Private Utility Locate

The client has owned and operated the site for several years but needed to better understand the known and potential environmental liabilities as they plan for the long-term redevelopment of the site. August Mack developed an environmental due diligence approach that initially consisted of performing Phase I ESAs for the entire 100-acre site, bundling the multiple parcels into 12 separate Phase I reports. The bundling of parcels allowed August Mack and the client to focus on higher risk portions of the site during Phase II planning activities. Coinciding with the environmental due diligence activities, August Mack secured land surveying and private utility locating for the entire site to assist with the long-term redeveloping planning.


Understanding Soil Management Plans

Cleaning up contaminated properties can take a long time and incur great expense. In most cases, complete cleanup is not feasible and is cost prohibitive. As a result, residual contamination may remain and institutional controls, such as an environmental restrictive covenant (ERC) are applied to the property. These restrictions are used to manage risks and … more »

Our Commitment to You During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For the past 32 years, August Mack has strived to live up to our Corporate Mission of superior service to our customers and a strong commitment to our employees. The events of recent days have caused us to reassess our operating procedures to ensure that we are doing all we can to maintain this mission.    August … more »


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